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Learn More About Jalin Jewelers in this interview with Todd Romberger by Life Beyond the Arches/Mia Scossafava

Todd grew up outside of the Twin Cities of Minnesota surrounded by his extended family.  He moved to Texas to attend college at Abilene Christian University.  Upon graduating, his parents also decided to move to Texas.  They closed their 24/7 manufacturing business to open Jalin Jewelers in 1991.  Todd went into business with his dad, Jim, right away and now genuinely can’t image doing anything else. This family-owned business opened its doors in a small location on the northeast corner of Park and Preston. In 2003, the store was relocated to Lakeside Market at the southwest corner of Spring Creek and Preston.  After 22 years, Jim retired but Todd continues the family tradition of helping customers celebrate special life occasions with jewelry from Jalin Jewelers.

Let’s hear more about Jalin Jewelers from Todd.

When we opened the store, we didn’t’ know anything about the industry.  We had two things in our favor though and they’re still what put us ahead of our competitors.  First off, we’re the type of people who don’t stop until we know everything there is to know about something.  This lets us stay on the cutting edge with it comes to trends and technology.  The second is that we built the business from the ground up with our customer in mind.  At every level, we asked ourselves,  If I were the customer, how would I want to be treated? We started the store thinking like customers.   Jewelry stores, then and now, have always used the same tactic.  They run 50% off sales year-round to attract customers with their big discounts.  We knew no business could last long selling at such discounts unless they were pricing their products at ridiculously high prices, to begin with.  We decided to be different!  Our goal was to offer luxury, high-quality jewelry at every day, fair prices and we have stuck to that for over 28 years.  The icing on the cake is that a family member has and always will be part of the day to day operations.  This ensures that whether you are getting a battery changed or buying a $10,000 ring, you will know Jalin appreciates your business.

Buying jewelry can sometimes be an adventure of epic proportions.  Once you find the piece you want you may wonder about things like price, quality, warranty, insurance, and sizing (just to name a few). Our philosophy has always been to educate our customers about what they are buying.  Don’t shop on price alone.  If a deal is too good to be true, then it probably is!  You’re not always getting the gems and the quality that you want and most online shops bury those important details under flashy names.  Typically, they don’t have the customer support needed to give you the answers you deserve. We feel if you know what you are purchasing (really know!), you are better equipped to make a smart purchase.  Once equipped with that knowledge, our customers know Jalin is the place to shop.

This means that Jalin Jewelers carries custom designs to allow for better pricing for their customers, rather than just the big names which always have a more substantial mark up.  It also means that we might spend two hours talking diamonds with a customer so that they know what they’re looking at and why they’re priced the way they are.  Every day, there’s always a family member in the shop working on the day to day side of our business.  We’re proud of what we do and that is reflected in how we treat our customers.  None of us work on commission, so we say focused on helping you find exactly what you want, at the quality you want. We are proud recipients of the Star Local Meda Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Jewelry Store in Plano for four years and Living Magazine’s Best of Reader’s Choice 2019 for Best Jewelry Store!  Finally, we are a one-stop-shop for anything Jewelry:  Fine Jewelry, Custom Jewelry, Appraisals, In-House Jewelry Repair, Watch Repair and Batteries, Engraving, GIA Diamonds Graduate on Staff, Estate and Consignment Jewelry, and we buy Gold, Silver, and Diamonds.

When not running a successful jewelry store, I have two causes that are close to my family’s hearts, our church, and the City House Gala.  God is the reason that we’ve managed to get through two recessions, there is no doubt in my mind about that.  The City House Gala is a  fundraising event that supports City House, our county’s only organization that provides emergency shelter and transitional residential services to children and young adults who are in need due to abuse, neglect, or homelessness.  They have two programs, My Friend’s House (an emergency shelter for newborns to 17-year-olds) and emergency transitional housing for 18 to 21-year-olds.

If I’m not in the store, you can find me with my wife Tara.  We’re big hockey fans.  I moved to Texas in 1986 and in 1993 my team, the Stars, realized I was staying and moved to Dallas as well, I often say jokingly.  I love getting to see them when we get the chance.  Seeing how far they went last season was a blast.  We got to go to several of the playoff games and had a lot of fun.  We also have two horses that we keep with my in-laws.  We enjoy spending time there and hope to have a ranch of our own in the future.

Now is the perfect time to find out how we at Jalin Jewelers can find and/or create a perfect piece just for you or a loved one.  Feel free to reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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