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Jalin Jewelers Consignment Program

It’s easy, safe and best of all, we do all the work. All you need to do is bring us the jewelry you want to consign along with a valid drivers license or ID.  At that time, we will fill out our 90-Day Consignment Agreement which you may preview below. The jewelry is then cleaned, inspected, photographed, posted on our website and placed in our showcase for sale.  So, if you have jewelry that you no longer wear, bring it to Jalin Jewelers and we’ll get the process started.

Consignment Agreement 

1) A $75 per item charge (non refundable) will be paid in full to Jalin Jewelers
by the customer prior to any item going on public display. In exchange for
the $75 Jalin will clean, display, insure (in our store only), and assist the
customer in determining a fair consignment price for each item, however
the final selling price shall be the sole responsibility of the customer. Jalin
Jewelers will not be responsible for any items being under or over price.

2) Any repairs will be billed in addition to the initial $75 charge and must be
paid in full by customer prior to display of the item.

3) The consignment program will be for a period of 90 consecutive calendar
days for each item accepted into the program (the time begins after all
repairs, etc. are completed). If the item has not been sold, the customer
may at any time cancel this agreement by hand delivering to Jalin
Jewelers a signed letter requesting termination of this agreement;
however the $75 charge will not be refunded.

4) Upon the sale of any item, Jalin Jewelers will retain 1/3 of the total selling
price (excluding sales taxes) as payment for their services, the remaining
2/3 (excluding sales taxes) shall be paid to the customer.

5) The customer will be required to sign the appropriate form for guaranteeing
their full ownership and right to sell any of the items accepted into the
consignment program. The customer also agrees to indemnify and hold
harmless Jalin Jewelers from any actions arising from the wrongful sale of
any items left by customer.

6) All sales are final and the customer agrees to any and all conditions set by
Jalin Jewelers in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

7) Upon sale of the item, Jalin Jewelers will attempt to immediately notify the
customer of the sale of the consignment piece and issue a check for
payment within 7 days.

8) If the consignment item does not sell within the allotted time frame, the
customer will have 30 calendar days from the end of the consignment
period to pick up the item

9) Items with a consignment selling price of $5,000 or greater may be
subject to a higher per item charge than the $75 stated above. If
applicable, this mutually agreed upon price shall be:_______

I have read all of the above and fully understand and
agree to abide by all of the conditions as stated:

Signed and Accepted By: __________________________

Date: ___________________________

Consignment Agreement # _______

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