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At Jalin Jewelers, we work with you to create the custom designed jewelry you deserve. We listen to you to create an exclusive, personally designed piece that makes a statement and reflects who you are. Your one of a kind, custom designed jewelry is made of the finest quality and workmanship available. To create a custom design jewelry piece requires an interesting 4 step process:

The first step is the drawing and design phase. During this step, you will meet with our Designer who will listen to what you desire and transcribe that into a hand-drawing or a computer-aided draft.

When you have approved the design we move to the second step of creating a wax. This is an actual size replica of your design in wax for you to hold, try on and approve. This enables you to make certain the design is the right size and fit for you.

Once the wax concept of your design has been approved a cast is created and the jeweler sets all stones.


The final step in the process is to polish and clean the item for presentation.


Presenting your specially made item for you to enjoy for years to come is the best part of the process.

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