Meet the owners

Jalin Jewelers opened in 1991 under the ownership of James and Linda (Ja and Lin for Jalin) Romberger and their two sons, Todd and Jason. Jim and Linda retired and now enjoy year-round sunshine and golfing almost every day. Todd and his wife Tara, who are now the full-time owners, thrive on continuing the legacy of the family business and building lasting relationships with their customers. Through their faith in God, and belief in Jesus Christ, they see every day of owning a local, family-owned business as a blessing! Their kids, Taylor (and husband David), Austin (and wife Sammie), and the baby of the family, Madison (who is a music major at UNT), can often be found visiting their parents at the store and mingling with customers.

Jalin's Store Manager

The Jalin sales team is led by long-time store manager, Donna, who is known for building long term relationships with her customers.  No one in our store works on commission, so the Jalin team is always focused on helping customers find exactly what you want, at the quality you want.  Repeat business is Jalin's specialty and we love getting to know our customers, some for several generations.

Murphy the Catahoula

Murphy is Todd and Tara’s Catahoula cur dog who is in the store whenever they are. He loves to meet people and has grown familiar with returning customers who come in and call him from the back. He gladly runs and greets them. His blue eyes never fail to make them smile.

Todd and Murphy



Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

4021 Preston Rd. Suite 625
Plano, TX 75093